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Hey All 8D

Im looking for a long-time RPer who wants to RP over MSN or LJ.

I love to RP and write short stories ~ I watch Anime's such as:
Pandora Hearts
Death Note
Ouran High School Host Club
Paradise Kiss

Well, those are a few of my favourites. :3
I can RP as boys or girls and i have like..LOADS of Original Characters.

Feel free to message me anytime if you are looking for a friend to RP with, I'd love to. :)
Comment me and i'll give you my MSN. <3
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I tried to email you back to the address you emailed me from, but it told me that there's a block so the email can't get through.

Anyway, I added you to my MSN, but I don't know if it'll let it connect to you, at least I haven't seen you online... Please contact me if it hasn't shown you that I've added you.

Re: Re:

Im sure you have probably realized that i accepted your MSN add; Since you spoke to me and all.. >___>

So, yeah, i shall reply to this anyway! Thank you for adding me and i will talk to you there.

Maybe now that we are 'friends' on MSN you could attempt to send the email again? It might let you now that i have accepted that i know you.


Hi! We've been paired together for the dn_contest collab project. :) Just wanted to make sure if you knew, and if this was the best way to contact you. You can PM me at this account or email me at Looking forward to writing with you!

Ah! Fab! Im so glad i've been paired :D
Thank you for telling me, i didn't know. I forgot to check it out! Anyway, my MSN is, and its easier if you contact me there or by PM. I look forward to writing with you too!

What do i call you? Call me Lea.

You can call me Billie. :] It says you've disabled PMs... do you have AIM?

I've disabled PMs? Really? How do i change that? o_o Nope, i dont have AIM. I've got MSN though~? Hi Billie :3 Nice to meet you ~

(Same person as cityfibers, btw.) Forgot to mention I don't have MSN, haha. Sorry.

Ah! Fab, I have it too. I'll add you, whats yours?

Oh no, I said I do *not* have MSN. Um... I guess we could correspond by email? Mine is :]

Ahh, i must have read it wrong. >__<

Schweet ~ Sure. I will message you there :D

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