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Chapter 2
Lea Verrlone collapsed into the hard wooden seat. Opposite her sat a handsome messy haired blonde with sparkly ocean-blue eyes and a tanned complexion. He had his elbows propped on the shiny surface that was the Cafe De Oro table and a serious look distorting his features.
“What are you going to do about your little sister?” He asked the girl.

“What do you mean, ‘what am i going to do?’ Nothing. It’s time that girl sorted her life out – she’s nineteen this July. She can find her own place to live, I am selling up and we are moving to LA for our jobs. It’s Final.” Lea replied uninterestedly, weariness seeping in to her voice. “I’m not her mother. She has to grow up without my help.”

The blonde frowned at her, “But she has no other place to go! You of all people should be able to understand her situation – you’re her bloody elder sister!” he complained, knowing well that once Lea had made up her mind, even he, her best friend, couldn’t alter her decision. However, that was one thing that he really admired about her – she was so confident in her choices. “Where will she live? She doesn’t have a job or a boyfriend and she has no money to pay her college funds.”

The redhead snapped. “Look Togy! If you’re so fucking worried about her – You pay her college funds! She can live with you as well! I’ll move by myself! She’s not my responsibility and she bloody well should have figured that out by now!” Lea slammed her hands on the table, causing the sugar holders to tremble. “I’m going back to work – I need the money just as much as she does.”
With that, she stormed back behind the Cafe counter and disappeared into the kitchen. Lea was a part-time waitress at Cafe De Oro; it was a cosy little cafe in the centre of town where Togy could visit frequently since he worked a couple blocks away as a minor Police Detective. Togy knew that Lea was busy, but he was worried about Mercy Verrlone. Mercy hadn’t the money to support herself and he and Lea couldn’t always be there for her. Lea was right – she had to pick herself up without them.


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