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Chapter 1
Chapter 1 of my series, Yet un-named, but i thought i'd post it anyway. =)

Her tenth throw missed the dartboard, yet again. She groaned and rolled back onto her bed, burying her pixie-like features in the pillows. “I’m so bored!” the girl shouted as she slapped her shins against the mattress. She felt like a little child who’d just had his teddy bear stolen. Immature and stupid. Why couldn’t she just pick herself up and get a move on with life like everybody else?! Although she was angry at herself, she knew that she had to get out of bed sooner or later. I mean, there are probably a million things worse that could have happened to her than this.
The red head heaved herself off of the bed with a sigh and staggered to the kitchen to make herself a large mug of coffee – maybe that would wake her up to the changes in her life at the present time.
She spoke aloud as she took a seat at the table, a glazed look in her eyes and a chocolate-coloured sweater hanging lifelessly over her bare shoulders. “So...Lea is leaving. Abroad with Togy. Selling up this place and moving on. What am i doing? Where am i going to go?” The girl pondered these questions for a while and coming to no conclusion she continued, “She has been so nice to let me bunk here for so long...she didn’t even make me pay rent like last time...” The kettle whistled then, startling her out of her dreamy state – same as everything else did lately. She poured out the coffee and wandered back to her bedroom. Well, technically it wasn’t hers; it was merely a spare room that she had been shacking up in for the past 4 months. The redhead had nowhere else to go. She slumped down under the duvet covers once more and complained in silent whispers until she fell asleep.


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