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Chapter 3
3rd Chapter in my little unnamed Series ~!

Elsewhere in New York City; Terri Freedert seemed off in a different world. Behind her glasses were a pair of solemn, sapphire eyes, and her long brown hair cascaded down her back. A black beret rested gently on her curls, and a turtleneck of the same colour clung to her thick curves. She wore a dark skirt that stopped just above her knees, and her legs were clad in opaque tights. She was crying.
The Freedert girl had just lost an Uncle in a fishing accident and she was distraught over his death. He had been a generous old man and had always read her bed time stories when she was a child. He was an author and, after retiring, he had plenty of time on his hands to let his ‘imagination run wild’ as he would have put it.
Terri Freedert sat beside the coffin in the Graveyard weeping until she could produce no more tears. She laid a red rose on the coffin centre and vowed that she would return for her Uncle’s funeral this Sunday. She took her leave from the graveyard and staggered back home.


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